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About Newtown Psychology

Newtown Psychology offers professional services for individuals

and for workplace and school settings. 

Psychological counselling and Life Coaching

I provide counselling and therapy to everyday people with everyday problems, including:

  1. stress management and life adjustment issues

  2. anxiety

  3. depression and mood difficulties

  4. self-esteem, confidence and communication skills

  5. relationship concerns

  6. conflict resolution

  7. weight management

  8. anger management

  9. enhancing wellbeing, motivation and life balance

  10. help with meeting your goals, work or personal

Coaching - Self-Awareness / Workplace / Executive / Leadership Development

I am also available to provide workshops / presentations as well as a variety of forms of coaching.

I have recently completed a PhD at the University of Sydney (Coaching Psychology Unit) where I investigated the relationship between self-awareness, psychological wellbeing and performance. (See more about self-awareness on my blog ‘what is self-awareness’). As expected a strong relationship was found between them. I am available to share the latest up-to-date evidence-based information on self-awareness, psychological wellbeing and performance. I can provide workshops/presentations on the following or similar topics:

• Developing self-awareness to improve mental health and performance

  1. Stress management / Relaxation Techniques

  2. Optimal performance

  3. Mindfulness meditation

  4. Wellbeing