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I believe self-awareness is a key feature of psychological wellbeing and performance. As such, in all my work, as either a psychologist or coach, I aim to increase the individual’s level of self-awareness. This involves assisting clients to understand their core beliefs and values and how these may be holding them back. Ultimately, the main aim of my role is help clients develop new ways of being in their life.

I am well-versed in the latest up-to-date evidence-based information on self-awareness, psychological wellbeing and performance as I have recently completed a PhD at the University of Sydney (Coaching Psychology Unit) where I investigated the relationship between self-awareness, psychological wellbeing and performance. (See more about self-awareness on my blog ‘what is self-awareness’). As expected a strong relationship was found between them.

I also incorporate the philosophy of Positive Psychology into all the work I do, as this is consistent with my belief that people can develop ways of leading happy and emotionally healthy lives. Positive Psychology is a strengths-based psychology which works to promote optimal ways of living across the full range of human living, from disorder and distress to mental health and fulfillment.

I utilize evidence-based psychological treatments that are both effective and time efficient. Several approaches are employed in my work including cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy, narrative therapy, and mindfulness based approaches e.g. acceptance and commitment therapy. I also have a certificate in hypnosis.